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Dr Christopher Corcos, MB BS, MRCPsych, FRANZCP at 275 Consulting, 275, Princes Hwy., in Werribee, VIC

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275 Consulting, 275, Princes Hwy.,,
Werribee, VIC
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Phone: +61 3 9731 1656


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    Hard work and now with health eyes I couldn't go near recommending. He has a very flippant style and does not like being challenged. When you are already desperate and struggling, having your mental health professional play games is not helpful. He seems to take issue with being questioned. Especially if you dig and do not just accept why/what is being done, even when you are following every instruction. Instead he tried to tell me to go elsewhere, that he did not do medications and was not an expert in what I went to see him for.... that would have been nice to know 7 sessions earlier. What was especially concerning for me was that there was one thing I could not get an answer on that made sense. He had clearly heard something and that became the core of the diagnosis despite it not being pertinent for the majority of the time I have had issues. In doing so he ruled out what 4 other professionals had pointed to (something I would have been wrapped about if true). It was only through that ongoing questioning and frustration that he registered that his suggested adjustment to my mediation could have presented a massive risk to my mental health. Even more concerning is when that he forgot it was his advice (repeated that session). That he states in a rather flippant tone "why would you do x if you have y as it will cause z (z is bad :-))". To top it off, after trying to get me to elsewhere in 3 sessions (I should have but each time I turned him around and got him back to being reasonable), on registering his possible error in medication (if I didn't have y it was fine, if I did it was bad.. and fundamental) and acknowledging that his diagnosis might not be right after all he asks if I want another session. So if you need things explained until they make sense to you and you will not just accept cursory brush offs or glaring holes he is probably not for you. On top of that I selected Chris for a holistic (integrative) approach as I didn't just want drugs thrown at me until they stuck. But what I learned he is VERY heavily bias to the alternative. He gave the sense he was basically hell bent on not using traditional medicine in his arsenal (and we are talking after years of ongoing issues and very good success with current meds). Any conversation in that direction was shut down and you are pushed to another Dr or Pyschiatrist for their view. The supplementation information was good (although I already took most of it so not a whole lot of value personally). In my view he is practising more like a naturopath and maybe condensed psychologist. If that is what you want he is probably for you.
    Brade Hair
    October 21, 2017
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